Chairman’s Message

Every new day dawns with different challenges”. Yes, the World is changing at a supersonic speed with MIGHTY changes in TECHNOLOGY and today’s children have to face it boldly. The aim of CFS is to equip the students to tread on the “untraded” path with dedication, discipline and internal motivation to success in their career. To achieve success, which is one of the toughest challenges; but, the highly committed staff and students of CFS will achieve this feat. “CFS”ians must believe in themselves and in their lofty goals. They must make big plans, aim even higher and work tirelessly to remain at the pinnacle of their achievements. I have complete faith in their inherent potential to revolutionize the meaning of success and excellence.”

Education is the continuous pursuit of excellence. Individuals and organizations. Civilization and nation known to have continuously striven towards this path of excellence. In the new world order excellence has its own importance. Any person or organization which endeavors to bring in quality in their work and life is in the pursuit of excellence.

CITI FORD SCHOOL will always attempt to pursue the path of excellence in school education and it will  directed its initiatives and its path of reforms towards providing quality education to the students who will join our school. While it has been the school’s endeavor to provide holistic education by molding the total personality of a child, it has through its curricular initiatives helped to strengthen the bond of national unity and foster in young minds love for the fellow en, to be a good citizen and able member of the society.

We are witnessing tremendous changes taking place around the world on account of globalization, increased interaction and accelerated pace of development in science and technology as also in employment sector, The very goals and definition of education have got to be a part of new strategies and find solutions.

We in our school are trying to play a dynamic role through operation and collaboration in the task of transforming and make younger the goals of education. The total quality management involves a re-engineering of mind sets in the various aspect of school education.

With the ushering of the third millennium. The world has moved into a completely new model in every dimension. The student of today live in the world that is completely different form the one in which we all, the teachers, the parent have grown up. We have to believe this very fundamental change and accordingly progress a path way to excellence. Keeping dominance the children’s experience, voices, their interested and active participation. For us every child is important and we must follow the saying the every child is talented.

Let me conclude by saying that our team and management will give full support to build the children in better aspect in every field.

Thank You