Why Citi Ford School

We are often asked the question “Why CITI FORD SCHOOL?” Our answer is that while we prepare our children to meet global challenges we also ensure that they retain in themselves their Indian CULTURES. We build ocean liners with Indian anchors and ethical rudders. In today’s fast changing world when limitless opportunities are opening up for the young, we are extra watchful of the dangers that confront us, particularly the escalating alienation of adolescence which is emerging to be the single greatest menace.

It means respect for the sanctity of the home; it means observance of ethics, of kindness and integrity, of courtesy and respect for elders and teachers. It means upholding of truth, it means observance of peace or non-aggression towards our environment – whether living or inanimate, whether it be the society in which we live or the property that we use: values which have been handed down to us over the ages and which we believe are as relevant to us today.

CITI FORD SCHOOL also makes aware about the rights and duties which have been provided to each and every citizen of the country. Without making any discrimination on basis of caste creed sex color and religion as per constitution of India.